Fall time

23 10 2012



Home sick

9 10 2012

Well today is the second day I’m home with Sophia as she has a case of the croup. We caught it really early, but you never want to see your baby hurting. On the other hand I get to spend some time with her that I will rarely get, to see her at this age and her little personality.



New Family Jeep!

2 10 2012

Well, we needed a new Family vehicle, and you know that Elizabeth had her prized Jeep for over 7 years, and we loved it. We wanted to keep in the same mode, and found this wonderful new JK 4dr Jeep the past two weeks, which we took home last night! It was a fight to get the deal we wanted and had some major hang ups with the dealership, but as it turns out, all will be well and Moma has new wheel’s to sport! Sophia loves the ride, and it has everything we will need: tons of room, great sound system, hands free phone, removable top(s), etc…..