First Hunt…ever!

27 09 2013

Today was my first ever hunt. I was treated by Brent Sawyer and Robbie Ferguson at their camp in Lake Arthur, La. Boy do they know how to take care of someone!

We did two hunts, morning and evening. The evening was full of birds but we killed more in the morning. They said it is a slow season and we ended up with 11 today. I shot 4!!! Held my own with seasoned pros! One more hunt in the morning, wish us luck!





Dr. Visit follow up

24 09 2013

No Chicken Pox!!! That is all for tonight!

Wow, 11 months later..

23 09 2013

So it’s been nearly a year since the last entry and the saying time flies is so true! Sophia has grown so big and she brings joy to Elizabeth and I every time we look at her! Elizabeth switched jobs and now is working in Lafayette parish at SJ Montgomery. The switch has been tough to say the least.

We are getting excited for the fall and especially the weather! Last weekend was the first fall weekend of the year!

On a downer note, gotta bring Sophia in to the dr today, bumps that look like chicken pox. Keep y’all posted!