Christmas 2013 wrap up

28 12 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We went to church with my parents, Elizabeth and I only got to enjoy half a mass each, but hey whatcha gonna do with a 21 month old! Had great gumbo by dad that evening and fun talking with Liz and the kids at the table. Gifts were over the top and not deserved, but much appreciated. Went to the Fontenot’s on Christmas Day, discovered more gifts that will bless our lil family. Then the extended gang came over for some delicious pork and corn macshoe that was made by the king of the house.

We are now enjoying the time off as three, and doing as much or as little as we want to!

Happy New Years everyone!



Mid-week update

5 12 2013

So Sophia came down with the flu late Monday evening. We caught it very early and she seems to be doing ok. Elizabeth took off Tuesday, Myrt took off today, I’m working from home tomorrow and mom will be watching Sophia in the morning Friday! Sick kids can sure throw off a regular work schedule! Elizabeth and I are on Tamaflu, Elizabeth had the shot also, I of course am late to greeting mine. Hopefully this weekend she will feel better and we can do Christmas activities!