Dr. Visit follow up

24 09 2013

No Chicken Pox!!! That is all for tonight!


Wow, 11 months later..

23 09 2013

So it’s been nearly a year since the last entry and the saying time flies is so true! Sophia has grown so big and she brings joy to Elizabeth and I every time we look at her! Elizabeth switched jobs and now is working in Lafayette parish at SJ Montgomery. The switch has been tough to say the least.

We are getting excited for the fall and especially the weather! Last weekend was the first fall weekend of the year!

On a downer note, gotta bring Sophia in to the dr today, bumps that look like chicken pox. Keep y’all posted!




Fall time

23 10 2012


Home sick

9 10 2012

Well today is the second day I’m home with Sophia as she has a case of the croup. We caught it really early, but you never want to see your baby hurting. On the other hand I get to spend some time with her that I will rarely get, to see her at this age and her little personality.



New Family Jeep!

2 10 2012

Well, we needed a new Family vehicle, and you know that Elizabeth had her prized Jeep for over 7 years, and we loved it. We wanted to keep in the same mode, and found this wonderful new JK 4dr Jeep the past two weeks, which we took home last night! It was a fight to get the deal we wanted and had some major hang ups with the dealership, but as it turns out, all will be well and Moma has new wheel’s to sport! Sophia loves the ride, and it has everything we will need: tons of room, great sound system, hands free phone, removable top(s), etc…..



First out of state road trip with the ladies

16 07 2012

Today was our first road trip out of state with my ladies. We took a trip to Longwood Plantation in Natchez, MS to check out the largest Octagional House in the country. IT was an awesome trip! Sophia did so well, and Elizabeth and I really enjoyed the time out with her. She was a hit with the other visitors and workers, which made us very proud parents!


We are looking forward to more trips with her in the near future, but as of now, limited to 2-3 hours of travel because BOTH need to eat and use the bathroom!


I love my girls and life!Image

Away for work, but back now!

13 07 2012


I’ve been gone for three days because of work and boy did I miss my ladies! Elizabeth did a great job holding down the fort while I was away. Sophia is happier than ever to see me and cuddled right up with her bottle in my arms! Now we are playing in the floor with her toys and she actually is giggling a bit!

Well while I was gone it seems that Sophia has started teething. Kept Elizabeth up most of last night so heres to hoping tonight we get her comfortable!

Just feels so good to be home with the girls. ….